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Main Rules

Shop Main Rules and Informations:
Owner of shop online is Polish company:
VILLEMO ART Barbara Malczewska
adress: ul Oleska 28, 46-030 Stare Budkowice, Poland
EU VAT: PL754-248-99-52
Company bank account: BRE Bank S.A. - mBank 86 1140 2004 0000 3002 4229 1138
You can place order for 24 h/day, altrough confirmations and answers for enquiries we send only during working days, from Monday to Friday between 10am - 6 pm.
All prices include: VAT, cost of Custom procedures, and shipping from Producents (Dollzone, Angell-Studio etc.) to VillemoArt Poland.
Price does not include shipping form Villemoart (Poland) to customers - shipping cost is always given in a confirmation note.
VillemoArt reserves right to change prices in shop without further notice, according to changes of companies agreements, rising of taxes and fees, or currency exchange.
This rule does not aply for any orders wchich are confirmed and paid.
Because we work with few companies, there might be different time for goods delivering.
Time for delivering depends also on quanity of items ordered by customers. Villemoart is making "bunch orders" what means that we are collecting orders from customers for 30 days, and then we are making total order at the end of ordering period.
Please remember that producing time will be different when company will have 5 dolls to make, and different time (much longer) will take to make 15 or 20 dolls. We are not able to predict exactly how many dolls and accessories will be ordered by customers in one ordering period. We are also not able to predict how many orders company will recive from customers from other countries, so the queue may be long.

Please note that waiting time is fluent and do not depends of VillemoArt.
Standard time is minimum 80-120 days, but it may change.
We will try to make our best to have orders as soon as possible, but please be prepare for longer waiting.
Please remember that we hardly recive any order status from companies we work with.
They recive our order, and next contact is usually information that they are finishing order, or that they are ready to ship. Please be sure we will forward such message to you too.
If you have change your adress during waiting time, please let us know about it. We will probably ask you anyway to confirm your shipping adress, although each additional information will be helpfull.
All items bought as "Buy now" option wil be send in a 2-4 working days from the date of payment.
Because BJD dolls are a COLLECTORS dolls and some special knowlege is needed to know how to use them, they are NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN, and are not toys.
All BJD dolls and accessories for BJD should be used with parental control.
Because we cannot veryfy age of customers making orders in our shop, we are not responsible for any valuable purchases made by collectors under 18 years old.
If any cases or hesitation concerning this issue, please contact us by e-mail.
If you are looking for more information, please check out our FAQ, or send us a message.
Please remember about all those rules while making order.

Thank you