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Time of delivering

When you buy an item as a "Buy-Now" option, your order will be sent in a 2-4 working days from the day we will recive your payment.

When you buy in "PRE-ORDER" option, waiting time starts just after the end of preorder period.
Each PRE-ORDER period will be announced in "NEWS" section.
After ending of Pre-ordering period, all individual orders are collected together, and send to producers (Dolzone, Islanddoll, etc) as a batch order.
So no mather you have ordered just eyes, or a doll in fullset, your waiting time will be the same - all orders come together to us in one big package, then are send by us - Villemoart Shop - to each customer.
Waiting time is usually about 80-120 days.

Please remember that waiting time may very from time to time. Your item need to be produce first, then send (usually from China) to Poland, then it need to go trough Polish Custom Service which usualy takes some time (and we have no effect on their work and time of proceeding).
Thank you for understanding.