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New PREORDER for DOLLZONE products.
Time: 05.04 - 25.04.2013

We are still adding product, we shoud be ready with all Dollzone available products until weekend.

Thank you for visiting :)


we are still making some shop changes and reorganize the page, so in March some products will disapear from the page, and some will pop up.
Dollzone products will dissapear for some time, but they will be back in the end of March, because we plan to make DOLLZONE Pre-Order in APRIL.
All new Dollzone products will be available then.

Have a nice weekend :)


From 25.01 - 20.02.2013 we are openinig IslandDoll PRE-ORDER.

In VillemoArt dolls will be available ONLY in STANDARD RESIN, in 3 colors: Normal, Pink and White.
Environmental Resin will be only upon request.
Please send me a message if you need ENV resin.

Waiting time will be about 2 months from the moment of Preorder ending (after 20.02).

Thank you
Kind regards


From February 1-st there will be few changes in VillemoArt Shop.

We are stoping to take preorders of DOLLZONE for some time.
It is all because of high costs, we are not albe to keep prices on a current level.
If the situation will be better, maybe there will be some preorder after middle of year. Ina meantime, please use other Dollzone agents in Europe.

We will sale only items from Dollzone which we have in stock.

All the Dollzone orders which was made before FEB 1st, will be off course lead to end and each customeer will recive ordered goods.

For FEBRUARY we plan Pre-ORDERS for:
- doll and accessories from ISLAND DOLL
- clothes and shoes of different producers
- Eyeco silicone eyes - sizes 8 - 22 mm

Because of planned PREORDERS, there will be Extra category in menu only for PREORDERS.
In other categories there will be goods in BUY-NOW option (in stock, ready to send).

We are planing also to make extra category as HANDMADE, where you will find handmade miniature stuff for dolls.

Best regards
Basia Malczewska

ps. Because I work alone at my shop, I am asking you for a patience im mail answering - I am not able to answer all your questions fast enough, but I will do my best. Thank you for understanding.


We have decided to longer SEPTEMBER preorder because Dollzone has just released JOINTED HANDS. They will be possible to preorder until 03.10.2012.
After that time they will stop production of jointed hands for a longer time.

All September preorders + jointed-hands preorders will be send to Dollzone juzt after 03.10.2012

Thank you.