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Dollzone has oppened special APRIL Event - This is BOY 1/3 EVENT - 01.04-30.04.2015

In this Event PRICES OF SOME PRODUCT are 22% OFF

Products in this Event will NOT BE AVAILABLE after the Event, so there is last chance to have them.

Products DISCOUNTED in this Event are:

- Hong-1
- Floy-1
- Oliver
- Jeremy
- Norris
- Cosmo
- Wing-2
- Brandt
- Yue-1
- Yuu-2
- Chen
- Joe-1
- Memphis
- Byron
- Louis
- Herman
- Randall
- Mocha

- b70-001
- b70-002
- b60-004
- b65-001
- b72-001
- b68-001

You will find those products in special made section (left menu) - PROMOTION - 22%

THE PRICES in this department are ALREADY DISCOUNTED to these are final prices.
Shipping is not included.

All procucts in this offer are in PRE-ORDER option - promotion ends in the end of April 2015.
All orders will be send to Dollzone after end of APRIL, and then production will start.
It is needed about 3-4 months for production.

We will update offer in next 2 days, so if you do not see your wish model now, he will be here very soon :) Thank you for patience :)

Best regards :)


Hello :)
Just a reminder - Dollzone Preorder (according our preorder plan) is open until Aprill 15th 2015.

You are very welcome here :)
If you have any question, just send us a message.

Thank you


Dollzone 2015 SPRING EVENT

Free dolls added to your order

Promotion time 15.01 – 15.03.2015

Each customer who will make order for a defined ammounts may add FREE PART / DOLL to their order:

  • if you will order for min 220 Eur - 1/4 head - CARTER-1 (makeup extra paid)
  • if you will order for min 400 Eur - 1 mini doll - HEAVY RAIN (makeup extra paid)
  • if you will order for min 450 Eur - 1 mini doll - HEAVY RAIN Fullset (with makeup and accesories)
  • if you will order for min 530 Eur - 1 mini doll - BIG DIPPER (makeup extra paid)

Full description of each doll you will find in left menu "DOLLS - Special"

Gratis head/dolls come unpainted.
Makeup is extra paid option - please choose an option if you wish. Please remember that makeup price may be added to achieve ammount which is needed to got free dolls.

This is Dollzone promotion, so you can recive free doll only if you buy Dollzone products.
Other companies items will not be added in total ammount needed for promotion.
To have choosen mini doll please add it into your shipping card while making your proper order.

If you have any question - we will be happy to answer :)


HAPPY NEW YEAR to all dollfie fans.
We wish you a great New Year, a lot of dollfie inspirations and all wishes coming true. :)

With a New Year, we are openning new PRE-Order for Dollzona and Islanddoll.
It will be held between 3 of January until 15 of February 2015.

For New Year customers, we offer free priorytaire shipping for orders over 70 Eur.
If you will have doll in your order, we may still offer free Priorytaire Airmal, and, if you prefer EMS, we will give you EMS for 50% discount.

Please remember we are ofering LAYAWAY option, it is needed to pay about 30%, to put your order into production line, rest may be paid later in smaller or bigger parts.

You are very welcome.
If you have any question, plese do not hesitate to aks -

Thank you :)


We are planing to make regular preorders for Dollzone and Islanddoll in 2015.

List of Preorders:
05.01 - 15.02.2015
01.03 - 15.04.2015
01.05 - 15.06.2015
01.07 - 15.08.2015
01.09 - 15.10.2015
01.11 - 25.12.2015

Each pre-order will be long for about 1,5 month.
In this time we will collect orders from customers, and then we will send large order at the end of Preorder period.
Because of this, please NOTE that even if you will order in the beginning of that period, your order will wait until we collect all orders from all customers.

Layaway is possible, first payment needed is about 30%, the rest you may pay in 60-90 days after first payment.

Because we are Agent, not producer itself, we are waiting until each item from Preorder will be produced.
Please prepare for at least of 3-4 months of waiting for your order to come.

Please check out our FAQ for more informations.
If you have any question we will be happy to answer. Please send us an e-mail:

Kind regards :)