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ANGELL-STUDIO Ordering period has ended with 31 of October.

Next one is planned in April 2010, although.... if you like one of AS product and willing to buy it, please make an order.
Payment will not be required, and in a case there will be enough orders before April 2010, we will make this order ealier then in April.
If such situation will happen, I will inform about it in NEWS section and in individual e-mails to the customers.

If there will not be enough orders, then you will need to wait until April, for standard ordering period, as described in ordering schedule in FAQ.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask :)
Best regards


In OCTOBER, first time in our shop you may find dolls and accessories of ANGELL-STUDIO.

Preorder time is: 01.10 - 31.10.2009

Soon you will find full offer here, in a meantime please visit official AS site: Angell-Studio
If you will have any question about this offer, do not hesitate to send a note to us.

As usual, there is new - October preorder for DOLLZONE and RINGDOLL.

This month you will find also first dolls of ISLAND's DOLL company - two 1/6 dolls - COOKIE and BOBO, and one 1/4 doll - AMY.

Thank you!


We would like to announce that we will have ANGELL-STUDIO dolls and accessories in our shop's offer.

First preorder for ANGELL-STUDIO is from 01st - 31st of October 2009
Just after this ordering period we will place order in AS. Waiting time is about 40-60 days from the last day of ordering period.

Next preorder we plan to make in about APRIL 2010, so if you like any of AS product, please feel free to make an order in October.
Please remember that your order will be proceed even if you will pay at least 50% of total price. Next 50% you may pay during next 30 days. Please see FAQ for details.

Angell-Studio product will be apearing in September on our site, for now please visit company website:

If you have any question, do not hesiutate to ask :)
Thank you :)


As you have probably noticed, Dollzone has made very good changes in their offer, with adding a lot of new dolls, renewing their 'old' dolls, adding new, stunning accessories.

From the other side, this situation has changed time of making and delivering.

Now, 'waiting' time will take from 30 to 60 working days. Wnen we add time of shipping from China + time for custom procedures in Poland, you may expect your doll/accessories, in about 70-75 days from end of ordering period.

Please remember that is collecting orders trough all month (from 1-st to 30/31th), so peopole who will order on the beginning of this period will wait for doll longer, than peopole who will order at the end of ordering period. It is because all orders are placed in Dollzone as a batch of all orders, collected by trough all month.

If you have placed your order before this annoucement - we will do our best to make all faster, and hopefully you will recive your doll as soon as it is possible.

Dollzone is very gratefull for patience and understanding.
Thank you


JULY 2009 order!

New order time: from July 01 to July 31.

All oders placed and paid during this period should come to Poland in the middle of September 2009, then all dolls and accesories will be sent to customers.

Thank you :)