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Because of 1-st and 3-rd May Holiday in Poland and my business trip abroad in time 01.05-06.05.2010,there will be short break in villemoart shop.

You will be able to make any orders (please feel free to do it), but all shipping cost confirmations, and answer on your questions I will send just after I come back, on 6th or 7th of May. Also all orders made in this period as "buy-now" option, will be send after 7th of May.

Sorry for inconvienence. Thank you for understanding :)

Best regards


New ANGELL-STUDIO preorder OPEN!!!

We will collect orders in time: 01.04-30.04.2010

Please notice that next Angell-Studio preorder will be open in September 2010, so this is great opportunity to catch items you like.

For all those who wants to buy AS doll we have special OFFER - LAYAWAY for 50 days.
Anyone who will buy any Angell-Studio doll, may use this option.
Just pay 30% of your order and rest of payment during next 50 days (you may devide your payment in to 2 or 3 parts).
Your doll will be ordered and will wait for your total payment. Waiting time will be about 50-60 days from last day of preorder (30.04) so you will have time to pay for your doll in a time you wait for it :)

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write:



2010 Dollzone Chinese New Year Promotion

Promotion Time: 8 Jan 2010 - 28 Feb 2010

If you will purchase Dollzone products for a ammount of 300 Euro or more (not including shipping) you will recive FREE Dollzone MO 1/3 head - which is grown up version of DZ 1/4 MO.
You may choose between two types of head - type A or type B.
You can choose skin color (Tan is extra paid) and face-up.

Dollzone will not not sell the 1/3 MO separately, it is only supplied as the free gift of 2010 Chinese new year promotion;
The 1/3 MO can fit B60-001 body, and will fit the new 60cm "double jointed body"

If your order will be over 300 Euro, please go to "Special Dolls" (left menu) and add chosen MO head into your shopping cart.



From 23.12 - 28.12 there is Christmas Holiday break.
Page will be working as usual, please feel free to make an order, but please remember that all orders will be confirmed on 28.12.
On 28th, we will also answer on all your e-mails and enquiries.

and now, for all dollfie fans:



Christmas time is comming, so Dollzone has prepared speciall offer for their customers:
EXTRA CHRISTMAS GIFT - promotion time 01.11 - 31.12.2009

option 1
If you will make your puchase in above time, you may recive one Chrismas baby for purchase over 200 Euro, or two Christmas babies for purchase over 400 Euro.

You may choose among babies:
- Baby A : Normal yellow skin , boy's body
- Baby B : White skin , girl's body
- Baby C : Normal pink skin , girl's body
- Baby D : Tan skin , boy's body

Christmas babies are 8,5 cm high, and their head circumference is 7 cm.
Each baby comes in a sock and a hat. Doll is unpainted, if you willing to have makeup, please choose extra option.

If your purchase is over 200 or 400 Euro, please choose "DOLLZONE Gift" and add chosen baby/babies to your cart.


option 2
If you do not want to recive Christas baby, we have other option for you.
- when you order over 200 Euro you may use virtual cash cupon for 20 Euro
- when you order over 400 Euro you may use virtual cash cupon for 40 Euro
If you see that your order is over 200 or 400 Euro, next add "DOLLZONE Christmas gift" into your cart choosing "cupon 20" or "cupon 40", and next please add item you want to use with the cupon.

You may use this cupon only in the same ordering period as your main order.
You cannot use this cupon for shipping.
It your additional item is below value of 20 Euro or 40 Euro, we cannot give you back the difference.
If your additional item/items are over the value of 20 or 40 Euro, you will be required to pay the difference.

If your order is over 400 Euro, you may choose 1 Christmas baby + Cupon 20

Please remember that your order after using your cupon cannot be lover that 200 Euro or 400 Euro.
Chosing a "cupon" will not reduce the price automaticly. Price will be lowered in an order confirmation.

If you have any questions - please feel free to ask :)